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Gel émollient


A gel-like fluid which moisturizes and softens nail cuticles.

Keratin hardener


Strengthens &  protects nails from chipping and flaking.

60 seconds top coat


To be applied on top of the nail polish to give a glossy & shiny finish. Dries in 60 seconds.

Super gloss


Gives a glossy effect on your nail polish.

3 day hardener


Hardens & strengthens thin and weak nails.



Applied to fills in ridges of the nails to have an even surface for a good color application.

Huile précieuse


Lemon scented oil to be used daily to rehydrates cuticles. Suggested for enhancements.

Matte top coat


It gives a matte & flat effect on any kinds of nail polish.

Drop dry


Completely dries nail polish in 5 minutes.

Diamond base coat


Creates a barrier between natural nail and nail color to prevent breakage. Makes the color stay longer.

Gel effect top coat


Prevents chipping or peeling and maintains the color glossy and shiny.